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 What is CVS, and how do I use it? 
Description: How to get hold of, and how to use phpBB CVS.
Author: Kanuck
Date: Tue Oct 29, 2002 3:00 pm
Type: Tutorial
Keywords: cvs, concurrent, versions, system, download, wincvs, cvsing
Category: Installing/upgrading/converting
We've had a few users asking lately about what CVS is, because it's a term used quite frequently around the site. The following was written by The Black Pit on the old development boards, because many people was curious as to what it was. This will give you all of the information you need.

However, please note that CVS versions of phpBB are unsupported, and we do not suggest they be used on a public site. In other words, use CVS at your own risk.

So, now that I've scared everyone off Wink, here's Pit's original post!

The Black Pit wrote:
CVS is one way to get phpBB. It stands for "concurrent versions system", and it is a useful way for developers to store files that may constantly change. CVS is also the only way to get the very latest versions of phpBB 2.1. To use CVS under windows, you will need a CVS client. have a build for Win32 that'll run within command promt. GUI fanciers can use WinCVS (make sure you get the stable version). When you have installed it, open it, then click on Admin > Command line and type the following:
cvs login

Press enter when it asks for a password.
Then (in the same command line), type:
cvs -z3 co phpBB2

That will download all the latest phpBB 2.1 files to your machine and put it in a folder called phpBB2 under the current directory. Then, when you want to get updates, just go back into WinCVS, right click on "phpBB2", and select "Update selection".

An important point to remember with CVS is that there may be changes in the files which need you to do something special. For this reason, if you use CVS you should subscribe to the CVS checkins mailing list.

Hopefully that will answer your questions. Good luck, and happy CVSing!

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