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 DePostNuking The Database 
Description: How to extract the data from a phpBB PostNuke database.
Author: calioverclocker
Date: Fri Jun 06, 2003 2:27 pm
Type: HowTo
Keywords: PN, PostNuke, postnuke, extracting, remove data.
Category: Installing/upgrading/converting
This article explains how I was able to remove all of the phpBB data from a PostNuke version of phpBB and reinstall it into a nonPostNuke version.

1. Upload a fresh copy of PHPBB2 to the new directory, I used version 2.0.4.

2. Use PHPMyAdmin to drop the following tables in the fresh copy: Auth-access, Topics, Categories, Forums, Users, Posts, Posts_text.

3. Then use PHPMyAdmin to export the above tables from the postnuked copy then import them into the fresh copy. Be sure to choose data AND structure when exporting the original tables.

4. Something happens to the passwords during all of this, they either don't get moved or the sessions get buggy somehow. In order to login as the administrator, or I assume any of the pre existing members, just use the lost password function when it flashes the couldn't log you in message. Note: I tried exporting a variety of tables and the above combination is what worked, when I tried sessions it didn't work.

5. The board will e-mail you a new password and the link to confirm the account. Go Login. Reset the avatar settings in the configuration panel they will all be set to NO, and remap and upload the avatars and probably smilies.

6. depostnuked database...whew!!

7. Pray the thing doesn't get buggy because you didn't drop and replace all of the correct tables.

8. Good Luck!!

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