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Cauchy-Schwarz Inequality Example

Posted: Tue, 06 2005 Sep 20:02:31
by NeoThermic
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Cauchy-Schwarz Inequality:
[mathml] <mtr> <mtd> </mtd> <mtd> <mstyle> <mrow> <msubsup> <mrow> <mo>(</mo> <munderover> <mo>∑</mo> <mrow> <mi>k</mi> <mo>=</mo> <mn>1</mn> </mrow> <mi>n</mi> </munderover> <msubsup> <mi>a</mi> <mi>k</mi> <mrow/> </msubsup> <msubsup> <mi>b</mi> <mi>k</mi> <mrow/> </msubsup> <mo>)</mo> </mrow> <mrow/> <mn>2</mn> </msubsup> <mo>≤</mo> <mrow> <mo>(</mo> <munderover> <mo>∑</mo> <mrow> <mi>k</mi> <mo>=</mo> <mn>1</mn> </mrow> <mi>n</mi> </munderover> <msubsup> <mi>a</mi> <mi>k</mi> <mn>2</mn> </msubsup> <mo>)</mo> </mrow> <mrow> <mo>(</mo> <munderover> <mo>∑</mo> <mrow> <mi>k</mi> <mo>=</mo> <mn>1</mn> </mrow> <mi>n</mi> </munderover> <msubsup> <mi>b</mi> <mi>k</mi> <mn>2</mn> </msubsup> <mo>)</mo> </mrow> </mrow> </mstyle> </mtd> </mtr> [/mathml]

How it should be renderd:

Status: Partially Fail


The Cauchy - Schwarz Inequality:

Posted: Tue, 19 2007 Jun 13:02:48
by ChasM
Old School:
|(a1)(b1) + (a2)(b2) + (a3)(b3) ... + (an)(bn)|
[(a1)^2 + (a2)^2 + (a3)^2 ... (an)^2]^0.5 X [(b1)^2 + (b2)^2 + (b3)^2 ... (bn)^2]^0.5
New School:
[mathml] <mtr><mtd><mstyle><mrow> <msubsup> <mrow> <mrow> <mo>(</mo> <munderover> <mo>?</mo> <mrow><mi>k</mi><mo>=</mo><mn>1</mn></mrow> <mi>n</mi> </munderover> <msubsup><mi>a</mi><mi>k</mi></msubsup> <msubsup><mi>b</mi><mi>k</mi></msubsup> <mo>)</mo> </mrow> <mn>2</mn> </mrow> </msubsup> <mo>?</mo> <mrow> <mo>(</mo> <munderover> <mo>?</mo> <mrow><mi>k</mi><mo>=</mo><mn>1</mn></mrow> <mi>n</mi> </munderover> <msubsup><mi>a</mi><mi>k</mi><mn>2</mn></msubsup> <mo>)</mo> </mrow> <mrow> <mo>(</mo> <munderover> <mo>?</mo> <mrow><mi>k</mi><mo>=</mo><mn>1</mn></mrow> <mi>n</mi> </munderover> <msubsup><mi>b</mi><mi>k</mi><mn>2</mn></msubsup> <mo>)</mo> </mrow> </mrow></mstyle></mtd></mtr> [/mathml]
Not so sure this is working. My view source of the page has orange / all around in the phpBB HTML code.
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New School:
<br />

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Not sure about that </math> tag.  Must come from the [/mathml] I've been using
What is '<br />' all about?
Anyway, your MathML_BBCode.txt file  is great!

Posted: Tue, 19 2007 Jun 14:05:08
by NeoThermic
Actually, you had included the closing </math>, which is incorrect (the BBCode automatically does it when you do [/math]).

I've edited the post to change that, and now XHTML mode works just fine :)