XHTML 1.1 Valid Time!

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XHTML 1.1 Valid Time!

by NeoThermic » Fri, 24 2004 Sep 22:08:00

When Validation Goes Wild...

So... the eagle eyed lot of you will notice that the little 'Valid HTML' icon is now 'Valid XHTML'.
Yes, I've made my page XHTML 1.1 valid :) (Thanks coolsi, I love you!)

Edit: due to intergration with phpBB, its not actually valid yet. I will be working hard to make it valid again :roll:

As for life? Well, Uni courses start monday. We have to learn Java, which sucks. I'm not looking forward to it, but knowing me, I'll get stuck right in there and learn the whole language in three weeks.

Oh, side note. To all those who live in Uni halls. Please learn how to cook. Having the fire alarm go off once in the first week of Uni is ok-ish, but twice in one week takes the biscuit. Thanks.