Core 2 Duo? Yes please!

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Core 2 Duo? Yes please!

Post by NeoThermic » Wed, 26 2006 Jul 00:54:19

So SHS` went spending crazy the other day and specced up a nice set of systems based around Intel's new Core 2 Duo. I noted that if I were to get a Core 2 Duo system, I would get a "better" one. SHS` basically challenged me to do a "better" spec.

Here is this "better" spec:

Now, a few things need explaining. I've already got a 17" TFT in the form of a AL1716, so that is why there's a 2nd on there; I want dual TFT's :)

I've already got a 5.1 speaker setup, and I've already got a keyboard and mouse, a floppy drive and a new DVD+-RW drive, so I don't need those either.

Finally, I've got a Coolermaster Stacker case, so I certinally do not need a new case to support this monster system :)

I could, if I wanted, upgrade the CPU in the above spec to a E6700; it would only add an extra £158.62 (Inc VAT) to the cost, but I decided against doing so, as I can OC the E6600 far past my current system (3GHz S487 P4), so I would be happy.

It is 3am, so I won't be spending the time to spec up silly extreme systems like SHS` has, but given time, I'll ammend this post with the systems I would get if I had more money than sense ;)

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Post by who_cares » Wed, 26 2006 Jul 01:49:56

wow, the memory will be nice.
and the ATI card (though I use nvidia)

and which OS's will you be loading on that nice 300GB drive?

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