New computer? Yay!

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New computer? Yay!

Post by NeoThermic » Fri, 03 2004 Dec 05:08:05

Well, my DSA came in the other day. I'm really happy as this basically means that I got my new computer. And what a computer it is.

Here is the basic spec sheet:
  • Intel Northwood Pentium 4 3GHz
  • 512MB DDR-400 RAM
  • AOpen AX4SPE-UN (5 PCI, 1 AGP, 4 DIMM, Audio, LAN) -- based around the Intel Springdale i865PE chipset
  • ATi RADEON 9600 Pro, 256 MB
  • Intel 82801EB ICH5 - AC'97 Audio Controller
  • Maxtor 6Y120M0 (120 GB, 7200 RPM, Serial-ATA/150)
  • Maxtor 6Y120L0 (120 GB, 7200 RPM, Ultra-ATA/133)
  • ST380012A (80 GB, 7200 RPM, Ultra-ATA/100)
  • Logitech Keyboard and wireless mouse
  • HP PSC 1315 printer & scanner combo
  • Creative SBS260 speakers

Its a nice healthy computer. I added the two extra IDE HD's (the 120GB and the 80GB) myself to complement the storage.

The DVD-RW drive is listed as being:
  • CD - 40x
  • CD-R - 40x
  • CD-RW - 24x
  • DVD-R - 8x
  • DVD-RW - 4x
  • DVD+R - 16x
  • DVD+RW - 4x
  • DVD+R DL - 4x

Its very snappy. Full CD in just a shade under 2.5 mins. I'm happy!

I'm planning to add an extra 512MB RAM (keeping the dual channel by getting two sticks of 256MB). Plus I want to get some cathode lights for the case. Any suggestions?

You can see pics of the new compter (inside and out) here:

Thats about all. I've got to finish this report, then catch some sleep, and awake in about 4 hours time to attend the practical that requires this report! joy! :roll:
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Post by Vic » Fri, 03 2004 Dec 09:31:56

I'm actually getting jealous ;)


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Post by who_cares » Sat, 18 2005 Jun 21:56:32

wow, mind if I "borrow" it

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Post by battye » Sat, 23 2005 Jul 04:13:02

I just realised I'm about 7 months too late, but:

Nice! :D

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