Darwinia (Again)

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Darwinia (Again)

Post by NeoThermic » Thu, 03 2005 Mar 06:24:56

Ok, so here's the deal.

You take one large community of fans.
You create a new game that can only be described as OMG
You then invite them to have a party on the day the game comes out...

Are you nuts?! :lol:

Yes, in about 30 odd hours time, a bunch of the Introversion Software community will meet up and have a huge party. I'm bringing a bottle of absinthe:

I've also embarked on what I describe as OMG SEKERT PROJECT (the name is a take on AOL speak), and done some uber cool things, at which its so secret, everyone will just have to wait to see what the secret is :D

I'll post the pics up on the net after the party, as I'm taking my camera, so all should be good...

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