My April Fools to you...

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My April Fools to you...

Post by NeoThermic » Fri, 01 2005 Apr 20:34:38

... a post in my blog!

No seriosuly, I don't quite get the point of april fools. Yeah, you trick someone, but why do it today? If you want to pull a prank, theres an avarage of 364 other days of the year to do so, so why do it today?

I'll admit, some of the fools have been good (Wikipedias amongst the best), but some are just stupid (case in hand, slashdot's homepage).

Some people even went out of their way to make the pages appear inversed to all IE users. To me thats excessive, and quite frankly you're annoying a percentage of your userbase using stupid tricks. A far better one would be just to make your pages XHTML 1.1 valid and send the content-type as application/xhtml+xml if you really want to screw over IE users.

Anyway. Over to you lot. Whats the best April 1st prank you've pullled or seen?


Post by Xore » Fri, 01 2005 Apr 23:22:48

Well, this year i aggravated my users by making horribly tacky backdrop alterations to one of the forums I co-admin, then installed the japanese language pack and disabled english.

Sometimes being a jackass is fun.

The only one i fell for was when one of my manga translation distributers announced that one of my favorite mangas got licenced, and a sample chapter showing how badly they were going to butcher it.

Why do it today? I think it's a good opportunity to make a fool of yourself and everyone else, safe in the knowledge that everyone *knows* it's a joke. A release valve of sorts, kinda like valentine's day is a "special" day to give people the added impulse to ask someone out when they wouldn't otherwise, this is a special day for people to do something otherwise socially innacceptable? </hot air>

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