New life...

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New life...

Post by NeoThermic » Wed, 11 2005 May 02:50:07

As you can gather from the slightly diffrent colour here, I've decided to add something in terms of colour to my site. See, the problem before was that it felt... clinical, and in a bad way.

This, however, is a small preview of what my site will look like colour wise once I'm done with it. :)

Tell us your thoughts!

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Post by smithy_dll » Sun, 15 2005 May 11:00:02

It's too "try hard" happy kinda. I dunno, it's just... Almost clinical itself :P
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thats right the MOD Team.

Some random guy

Post by Some random guy » Tue, 17 2005 May 00:42:38

Gradients are cool. :D


Post by Stu15 » Sat, 21 2005 May 05:59:24

Its nice change 8)

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