So, an update...

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So, an update...

Post by NeoThermic » Sun, 05 2005 Jun 16:20:43

Ohh, so many things flying about right now that I thought I would blog them all to hear anything that you might have to say about them, including 'shut up' ;)


So with exams on this Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, you would think that revision is going rather well. Not! Revision sucks as always, and I seem to need to do more of it than I currently am.
After that I'll be out of this uni (Luton for anyone that cares), and off home for the summer. Joy.


So when I'm back, I plan to get work, hopefully. This work will pay for me learning how to drive, a new computer case, and possibly a book for me to read between doing the two. No Idea where I'll be working or how much I'll be earning, but we shall see.

If I learn to drive, however, I'll also need a car and some insurance, which will dent my pockets like never before. However, we shall see what becomes of that.

If I happen to trip overmyself I'll have to re-do some of my uni coursework and stuff, which won't be fun, but I'll have to do it anyway. Joy number two.

In other news...
Stuff thats been going rather well in life has been some extra work I've been doing on the side. No names, but to those people (you all seem to have metal buisness cards as well, very sharp!), here's a toast to the future, which looks very bright, but hopefully won't be orange. ;)

And from that, I'll now get back to revising while playing Nightwish..

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