2012 Olympics, here we come!

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2012 Olympics, here we come!

Post by NeoThermic » Wed, 06 2005 Jul 12:38:44

As the BBC have reported and Paul has commented, London has won the bid for the 2012 Olympics!

After wating this long to find out if we had done it, to win the final IOC vote 54 to 50 was just amazing.

So, if you could go to any of the events at the forthcomming London Olympics, which would they be?


Post by Marshalrusty » Mon, 03 2006 Apr 03:50:13

Bah, you beat out NYC. You should have seen the amount of banners around the city about it *possiblt* being in NYC

BTW, never got my activation email. And it took me 6 tries to get through the VC.

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Post by who_cares » Sat, 08 2006 Apr 14:19:24

cool, I may see about going to London to watch them

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