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Post by who_cares » Sun, 05 2006 Mar 20:41:06

Lieutenant Clone wrote:Only users have helped other users. Anyone affiliated with PHPBB has been generally usless to awnser any questions. The if the person with the question doesnt get a reply that accually awnsers the question, they are left with a broken search, and 3000+ threads in the support forum to sift through... definatly not user freindly.

Who said we have to be user-friendly?
Why not test admins a little? :lol:

The search really can be useful too. you just need to learn what to search for. And you can start a topic, just try the search first.
If you use the support template and mention that you did try the search, then we won't tell you to search, we'll just give you an answer

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Post by AlleyKat » Mon, 03 2006 Apr 00:38:07

http://www.phpbb.com/features.php#support wrote:Support

* All this is supported by an increasingly large, thriving and friendly community of members from all over the world ready to help with any problems, suggestions or just for general discussion!

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