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Moving a database
Includes detailed instructions on backing up with phpMyAdmin and restoring with bigdump.php. Includes instructions for heavily modded boards.
HowTo Marshalrusty Jan 23, 2006
Using multiple database users with PHPBB
Work-around for hosts who limit the number of queries per hour
HowTo espicom Jan 09, 2006
Using phpMyAdmin and BigDump to backup/restore Databases
An up-to-date tutorial, meant to replace the outdated article by Zerok
HowTo p3980 Dec 30, 2005
503 AUTH command error
Possible solution "503 AUTH command used when not advertised" error
Fix marinedalek Dec 24, 2005
Change The Admin And Moderator Text.
This is how to change the text admin and moderator
HowTo McVytality Dec 23, 2005
CHMOD is the process of changing permissions on a file.
FAQ Makc666 Dec 17, 2005
Visual Guide for installing an Avatar Gallery
Step by step instructions on how to install a working Avatar Gallery, with screen shots to make every step clear.
HowTo SER Dec 12, 2005
Authenticating an Action
Demonstrates how to create an AUTH_ constant and integrate it into the Forum Permissions and Group Permissions ACP panels.
HowTo Fountain of Apples Dec 08, 2005
postgreSQL to mySQL - migration
Quick and dirty way to migrate from postgreSQL to mySQL (might work the other way too)
HowTo svupp Nov 27, 2005
Learn your phpBB version number
Quick way to get the phpBB version number.
Info who_cares Nov 12, 2005
Installing phpBB on a GoDaddy host
Step-by-step instructions on how to install phpBB on a Go Daddy host
Tutorial xxxxaaaa99 Nov 05, 2005
Making things invisible/visible when logged in/out
How to make things on your forum visible when logged out and invisible when logged in.
FAQ Lyrikal_J Oct 27, 2005
How to fix login breaking out of frames
This will quickly show how to enable phpBB to login correctly when using frames
Fix Anon Oct 26, 2005
Users can't see Visual Confirmation in my template
Testing your templates for compatibility with Visual Confirmation
HowTo espicom Aug 29, 2005
Fixes for emailer.php
Issues that pertain to the emailer.php file not sending mail by PHP and SMTP
Info ScionCrow Aug 21, 2005
Manual Cookie Settings Fix
This is a manual alternative to the Auto Cookies MOD by geocator
Fix Marshalrusty Aug 19, 2005
AUTH_ Constants Reservation List
A reservation list of AUTH_ constants for phpBB2.x
Info smithy_dll Aug 14, 2005
How to install a smiley pack
A quick tutorial on installing smiley packs downloaded from phpBB's Styles section
HowTo Anon Aug 11, 2005
MOD Licensing
About the GPL license and MODs
Info wGEric Jul 23, 2005
MOD Database Requirements
These are the requirements that MODs must follow in order to get into the MOD Database
Info wGEric Jul 23, 2005
Setting a site to work with UTF-8
In order to set phpbb to work with UTF-8 some setting is required besided the charset.
Tutorial pichirichi Jun 17, 2005
How to fix "Username already taken" error
This fix will cure the error
Fix Anon May 06, 2005
What makes a good MOD
A guideline on creating good MOD's
HowTo Swizec Apr 23, 2005
How to secure access to Admin panel Windows/ISS
This article explains how to secure access to the ACP using Windows/ISS
HowTo Jotne Mar 21, 2005
Submitting Styles
Learn the process of submitting styles to our Styles Database. Also find out how to resubmit previously denied styles.
HowTo soxie Jan 06, 2005
How to submit a MOD to the MOD database
This is a short guide to how to submit a MOD to the phpBB MOD database
HowTo ycl6 Jan 04, 2005
Portals for phpBB 2.0.x
A list of portals available for phpBB 2.0.x
Info psoTFX Jan 03, 2005
Backgound images fix
How to make the theme element "Background Image" work.
Fix Bill Knight Dec 22, 2004
Changing the phpBB version in the overall footer
How to change the version number in the footer through phpMyAdmin
HowTo pianistsk8er Dec 22, 2004
Re-install / Update phpBB
This article explains how to update or reinstall your phpBB board while keeping all data (thus the SQL database) intact
HowTo Vic D'Elfant Dec 21, 2004
Restoring a large database with FTP
easy 'hack' for restoring a large database in just a few steps.
HowTo randallschleufer Nov 12, 2004
Using phpMyAdmin to restore your phpBB database
Having trouble restoring your database? Got the “no file uploaded” error? Check here for a solution!
FAQ pentapenguin Nov 05, 2004
Macintosh users, watch out for CR vs. LF
make sure to use UNIX or Windows/DOS line endings not Mac
Fix Scott Lawton Oct 07, 2004
Visual Confirmation Instructions
Details on how to use the Visual Confirmation "MOD" located in the /contrib/ directory of the default phpBB 2.0.x download.
HowTo Draegonis Jul 30, 2004
How to make IPs visible to admins only
Make it so that moderators cannot see I.P. adresses.
HowTo EldarionII Jul 27, 2004
Administration:What to do and what not to do.
This article provides an overview on some basic things to do on your forum, and also goes into what *not* to do as well.
Info woodley Jul 21, 2004
Add a Google Adsense skyscraper down the left-hand side of your board
This is how to add a Google Adsense skyscraper down the left-hand side of your board.
HowTo Charles Sweeney Jun 22, 2004
Incident Response
The Support Team's new stance on Incident Response
Info Techie-Micheal Jun 20, 2004
Redirecting Users Post-Login
Want to send your users to a page other than phpBB's index.php?
HowTo VxJasonxV Jun 18, 2004
How to create phpinfo.php
This article will show you how to create the phpinfo.php file that is often requested.
HowTo Sphen Jun 14, 2004
Transferring your MODded forum to a different host
how to transfer your MODded forum to a different host
Tutorial MennoniteHobbit Jun 12, 2004
Installing Rank Images
Installing Rank Images and Making Sure They Work
FAQ fumbalah May 27, 2004
Creating a new Admin Page
This article explains how to create a new page within the admin panel with links in the left-hand menu pane.
HowTo Graham May 19, 2004
Fixing PostgreSQL Case Sensitivity
This article describes how to remove the annoyance of case sensitivity in certain areas of phpBB for PostgreSQL users
Fix R45 May 13, 2004
phpBB Template Tutorial
Information on how the phpBB Template system works
Tutorial Xore May 12, 2004
List of tpl files
List of tpl files with explanation what file is used for.
Info CyberAlien Apr 15, 2004
How to start a new style
This article explains how to clone subSilver to start developing new style
HowTo CyberAlien Apr 15, 2004
Forum Icon
How to add icon on your forum
HowTo Murkrow Mar 27, 2004
Promoting / advertising your site
A description, which gives you an idea on how to advertise and promote your own site/forum.
Info wuddk Mar 17, 2004
Changing Display Order in Category View
Want to change the order of topics, authors, replies, views, and last post information? Here's how.
HowTo prince_of_oreon Mar 16, 2004
Resetting the cookies to default after messing them up.
A quick guide on how to reset the cookie settings back to default, even if you can't login.
HowTo NeoThermic Feb 18, 2004
Supporting phpBB
What you can do if you wish to support phpBB
Info David Robinson Feb 16, 2004
Fixing a failed restore
Sometimes when reinstalling you'll have to change the table prefix, this can cause the database to install unsuccessfully.
Fix battye Feb 12, 2004
Installing a MOD in a safe way
Installing a MOD, whatever size it is and whatever your skills in HTML/PHP/phpBB are is always a very risky operation
HowTo Ptirhiik - RPGnet-fr Feb 06, 2004
phpBB's Failed Sending Email Errors (and how to resolve)
This article targets the "failed sending email" error on UNIX and people using PHP's mail() function (not phpBB's SMTP function)
Fix dougk_ff7 Jan 29, 2004
Login Forms Not Obeying Your Stylesheet
This article will show you how to make sure the login forms on the login page obeys the contents of subSilver.css.
Tutorial Outofmymindyo Jan 23, 2004
Automating Database Backups Using batch files and Scheduled Tasks on Windows Platforms.
A fairly detailed article describing how databases can be backed up automatically using mysqldump and batch files on Windows platforms.
HowTo NeoThermic Jan 07, 2004
Search Engine Optimisation for phpBB
Details in some depth how to optimize your phpBB installation for submission to search engines.
Tutorial Lord_B Dec 30, 2003
Admin only forums by default
How to make new forums permissions default to ADMIN only.
HowTo netclectic Dec 16, 2003
phpBB Licensing & Copyright
A detailed article explaining how phpBB has been licenced and what you can and can't do with it.
Info Callisto Dec 07, 2003
Installing phpBB 2.0.6 at
Instructions on how to install phpBB 2 at the free host tripod/
Tutorial aparsons Dec 06, 2003
Placing Google Adsense on your forum
Basic info on adsense and how-to place the ads
HowTo roddy Nov 09, 2003
Executing SQL Queries in phpMyAdmin
Get the steps to executing SQL queries for MODs in phpMyAdmin
Tutorial morpheus2matrix Oct 29, 2003
How to Install MODs
These guide tells you what each action in the MOD Template means, helping you install MODs
HowTo morpheus2matrix Oct 29, 2003
PAGE_ Constants Reservation
Reserve a group of PAGE_ constants for your MODs
Info wGEric Oct 29, 2003
BBCode Reservation List
The list of reserved keys
Info Nuttzy99 Oct 21, 2003
BBCode MOD Standardization
Standards for using and writing BBCode MODs for 2.0.6 and later
Info Nuttzy99 Oct 21, 2003
Uninstalling a MOD
A pretty basic tutorial on uninstalling MODs
Tutorial A_Jelly_Doughnut Oct 15, 2003
Login Integration Tutorial (Sessions)
Basic tutorial on how to keep sessions going across phpBB and your site
Tutorial A_Jelly_Doughnut Oct 04, 2003
How to backup and restore your database with SSH
How to backup and restore your database with SSH
HowTo r6untouchable Sep 24, 2003
Installing a phpBB2 forum on Windows 2000 Server
Step by Step Guide To Installing phpBB2 on Windows 2000
Tutorial VampyreUK Sep 19, 2003
Updating the Access database
This is the solution for those of you having problems with updating the Access database on servers with NTFS.
HowTo PageUp Sep 13, 2003
Chmod on Mac OS (not OSX)
Changing permissions on Mac OS previous to OSX
Tutorial Wilf Sep 07, 2003
Guide To Creating A phpBB MOD
A simple guide on how to write a MOD
HowTo wGEric Aug 31, 2003
Warning: (null)() [ref.outcontrol]: output handler 'ob_gzhandler'
Fix to enable the use of gzip on PHP 4.3.x servers
Fix JadeDragon Aug 20, 2003
Editing necessary files to make your .css work instead of the AdminCP
This article explains which files to edit, and which code to delete, or edit in order to get your .css file to work with the template.
HowTo Outofmymindyo Aug 11, 2003
Uniserver and phpBB Installation Tutorial for Home Development Environment
This tutorial covers the installation of UniServer, an Apache, PHP, and MySQL package designed for ease of use and as a home development environment. This tutorial includes links to images which are located at my website, but may be removed if necessary.
Tutorial Outofmymindyo Aug 05, 2003
Automating Database Backups Using Crond
A fairly detailed article describing how databases can be backed up automatically using mysqldump and crond.
HowTo bleak Aug 04, 2003
Installing phpBB2 for goDaddy
Stop pulling your hair out and read this instead.
Tutorial KakitaRei Aug 04, 2003
MOD Author Line and Multiple MOD Authors
How to properly write the MOD Author line and how to do it when there is more than one author
HowTo wGEric Aug 03, 2003
Backing Up a mySQL Database Via the Commandline With mysqldump
A fairly detailed explanation of how to log onto a [hosted] server and use mysqldump to backup a mySQL database.
HowTo bleak Aug 01, 2003
Custom Config Settings Admin Panels
A common error to avoid
Info Xore Jul 26, 2003
Formatting Database output into rows and columns
How to get the template to make cellular rather than linear output
HowTo Xore Jul 26, 2003
How to customize Macromedia Dreamweaver MX
Add your own extensions in Dreamweaver MX.
HowTo ionsurge Jul 11, 2003
Convert PHPNuke (6.5) to PHPBB (2.0.5)
HowTo convert PHPNuke to PHPBB
HowTo Nerdie Jul 09, 2003
Structure only, data only or structure and data?
This quick guide tries to explain the difference between structure only, data only and structure and data in MySQL
Info phpika Jun 12, 2003
For a better use of the search functionnality
This will improve the results of your search
Info ZoliveR Jun 10, 2003
Removing the COPPA (Non-US Forums)
How to remove the COPPA agreement upon registration, for non-US forums (It is law in the US that you have COPPA for under 13's, therefore, it cannot be removed)
HowTo Draegonis Jun 08, 2003
DePostNuking The Database
How to extract the data from a phpBB PostNuke database.
HowTo calioverclocker Jun 06, 2003
Installing at Free Host Ultra
I had a time installing my forum on Free Host Ultra.
Tutorial BigGator5 Jun 05, 2003
PHPBB: Automated backups of forums using admin pages
For those wishing to do dumps of the database as provided via the forums admin pages but in an automated fashion a borne script is provided
HowTo ra120271 Apr 29, 2003
'Table phpbb_auth_access already exists' -- Install Error
How to get around this error during phpBB install
Info A_Jelly_Doughnut Apr 21, 2003
XMB > phpBB Step By Step
Step by step instructions on how to convert the XMB forums to phpBB.
Tutorial Callisto Apr 11, 2003
Lost admin password?
2 ways of getting back your admin status
Tutorial Jaeboy Apr 09, 2003
Cookies and phpbb
A brief description of cookies and how they work and a guide to the cookie options available in the ACP.
Info Callisto Apr 05, 2003
The phpBB Glossary™
The phpBB Glossary™ contains some of the more common terms used here
Info Techie-Micheal Apr 02, 2003
Changing the Registration Agreement
Step-by-step guide on changing the Registration Agreement terms, age, and links.
HowTo Erisar Mar 27, 2003
Functions.php Doc's
Doc's on the main phpbb functions
Info DanielT Mar 05, 2003
Backup & Restore with phpMyAdmin
Guide about how to use phpMyAdmin as an alternative to the build-in backup & restore feature
HowTo zeroK Mar 01, 2003
Sessions and SIDs
This article deals with the often misused append_sid() function.
Info sj26 Feb 16, 2003
1 ranks database, multiple forums
Shows you how to have 1 ranks database for you multiple forums!
Tutorial kip2001 Feb 02, 2003
Multiple forums sharing a user database
Use multiple forums sharing a user database. Also will share avatars, private messages, groups and themes.
HowTo smigit Feb 01, 2003
Invalid session errors explanation
Information on phpBB's sessions and on why invalid_session errors may occur, and how to fix them.
Info psoTFX Jan 30, 2003
Change Admin and Moderator Color in View Online Page
Learn how to Change Admin and Moderator Color in View Online Page
HowTo Zoltrix Jan 29, 2003
Change Admin and Moderator Colors in Who Is Online Table....
Learn how to change the Admin and Moderator colors under the Who is Online table in the main forum index.
HowTo Zoltrix Jan 29, 2003
phpBB IIS Setup
How To setup a full IIS web server with everything you need to run phpBB
Tutorial DanielT Jan 27, 2003
About templates
Basic info on how to write phpBB2.0.x templates
Info Davidls Jan 25, 2003
I accidently deleted my config.php file. What do I do?
Here's the solution of this problem
Info ZoliveR Jan 22, 2003
Make a smilie pack
Describe the things to do for creating a pack of smilies
HowTo ZoliveR Jan 22, 2003
MOD Version Numbering System
How to handle version numbers when updating your MOD
HowTo wGEric Jan 19, 2003
Sessions table is full
How to fix the dreaded 'phpbb_sessions' is full error. Also has information on HEAP and MyISAM tables, sessions and why the error occurs in the first place.
Fix Black Fluffy Lion Jan 16, 2003
How to localise/translate phpBB
Information on localisation of phpBB, and how to create a language pack.
HowTo psoTFX Jan 16, 2003
MD5 and passwords
All about the MD5 algorithm and how phpBB uses it to encrypt users' passwords.
FAQ Black Fluffy Lion Jan 14, 2003
MOD Template Actions
These are the actions that are allowed in the MOD Template
Info wGEric Jan 14, 2003
MOD Template
This is the required 'Template' for all MOD's submitted to phpBB MOD Database.
Info wGEric Jan 14, 2003
Add php include to overall_header Template
phpBB 2.0.x does not allow php in templates without modifications, so this little Tutorial which was copied out of a post by theFinn will show you how to use an include the right way.
HowTo dhn Jan 14, 2003
Install phpBB at
How to setup phpBB with the host
HowTo Raven Hawke Nov 01, 2002
MS SQL and Access truncating long posts at 4kb
A solution to the problems with MS SQL and Access truncating long posts.
Fix klumsy Nov 01, 2002
Parse error: eval()'d code
How to fix 'eval()'d code' errors with templates.
HowTo Ladd Oct 30, 2002
'install.tpl doesn't exist' with Apache 2.x
How to fix the 'install.tpl doesn't exist' installation problem with Apache 2.x.
Fix ggiles Oct 29, 2002
Upgrade to phpBB 2 from 1.4.x
How to upgrade a 1.4.x phpBB board to phpBB 2.
HowTo sirco Oct 29, 2002
Decrease searchtables' size
How to decrease the size of your database's search tables.
HowTo R. U. Serious Oct 29, 2002
Google and phpBB
Find out how to make Google spider your forum.
Tutorial TC Oct 29, 2002
Guide to avatars
How to add and use avatars.
FAQ Black Fluffy Lion Oct 29, 2002
Registration/Profile edit Forwards to Index
A fix to updating profile just forwarding to index.php
Fix wanrecords Oct 29, 2002
Fix Damaged MySQL Tables
How to fix damaged MySQL tables which stop from phpBB working.
HowTo dougk_ff7 Oct 29, 2002
Useful Links for phpBB Users
A list of links useful for helping your run a phpBB 2 board.
Info wanrecords Oct 29, 2002
Daylight savings time
Information regarding how phpBB (doesn't!) support DST.
Info psoTFX Oct 29, 2002
What CHMOD is, and how to use it
FAQ Draegonis Oct 29, 2002
Installing a new theme/template/style
How to install other themes than subSilver to add more variety to your board.
HowTo wanrecords Oct 29, 2002
Headers already sent at coolfreepages
How to fix 'Cannot add header information' errors at coolfreepages.
Fix Black Fluffy Lion Oct 29, 2002
Headers already sent at Lycos/MultiMania/Tripod
How to fix 'Cannot add header information' errors at tripod.
Fix programhouze Oct 29, 2002
Editing headers and footers.
How to edit your fora's header and footer. Includes information on how to specify your own, custom logo.
FAQ Black Fluffy Lion Oct 29, 2002
Cookies at lycos
How to set your cookies at lycos so auto-login works.
Fix Tsoots Oct 29, 2002
Create a private forum
How to create a forum that only certain members or groups can view.
HowTo dhn Oct 29, 2002
Installing phpBB2 at
Instructions on how to install phpBB 2 at the free host tripod/lycos.
Tutorial aparsons Oct 29, 2002
Software for forum maintenance
Recommended software to help you run phpBB, such as FTP clients.
Info Kail Oct 29, 2002
Could not open theme/get template config
How to fix errors where the template config file cannot be found.
Fix R45 Oct 29, 2002
Enable debug mode
How to get more details from error messages.
HowTo AL Oct 29, 2002
Transfer hosts/backup and restore database
How to move your boards to a different host, keeping the data intact.
HowTo Black Fluffy Lion Oct 29, 2002
The phpBB Copyright
Answers to common questions regarding phpBB's copyright notice and liscensing.
FAQ zoid Oct 29, 2002
Multiple Boards, 1 User Database
How to set up your forums to share one user database.
Tutorial Matthijs Oct 29, 2002
Step by Step Installation Instructions
Easy to follow instructions on how to install phpBB .
Tutorial Jarf Oct 29, 2002
Don't Use Moderators? Speed Up index.php !!
How to reduce the amount of queries in index.php by not showing the moderators.
HowTo AbelaJohnB Oct 29, 2002
Apache 2.x and PHP 4.2.0/4.2.1/4.2.2/4.2.3
Information on using Apache 2.x with phpBB 2.
Info Techie-Micheal Oct 29, 2002
Problems with subSilver and backgrounds
Learn how to use a background image instead of just a colour with subSilver.
Fix Techie-Micheal Oct 29, 2002
What is CVS, and how do I use it?
How to get hold of, and how to use phpBB CVS.
Tutorial Kanuck Oct 29, 2002
Creating forum moderators
How to add, delete, forums moderators, on a per user, or per group basis.
Tutorial chAos Oct 29, 2002

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